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Dear readers,

In the past month our colleagues of the manufacturing department have mastered a special challenge.The renovation of the laminated glass production line in Haldensleben and Osterweddingen.

Furthermore we are very happy about the positive customer feedback.

The passengers of the railway station Oerlikon in Switzerland have also reason to be happy. The building was beautified with many new glass elements making waiting times more pleasant.

Have fun reading our latest news!
Your Euroglas team


Investment in the future – portal reconstruction at VSG Haldensleben

Production manager Thomas Schmidt and his team have an ambitious goal: The laminated safety glass production in Haldensleben and Osterweddingen is to be increased by 12% by the end of 2017. EUROGLAS is thus reacting to the increased demand for laminated safety glass, which also illustrates the growing need of end consumers for greater security.

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Glass package in front of a the lamination oven

Mark: very good – survey of customer satisfaction

Our warm thanks go to the almost 80 customers who gave us their opinion! And we mean that in a very positive sense. Every single piece of feedback helps us to improve our products and services.
The online survey was conducted in the spring and consisted of the topics quality, complaints management, customer support and information. The participants praised in particular the outstanding quality and co-operation with the team. We still have some homework to do where complaints handling is concerned.

We will be conducting the next survey in two years.

Sehr gute Kundenzufriedenheit


Glass eye-catcher: EUROWHITE NG guarantees an
unclouded colour experience

In Oerlikon in Switzerland, two green glass cubes light up to make the reconstructed railway station visible from afar. The coloured SWISSLAMEX COLORDESIGN laminated safety glass and as base glass the colour-neutral EUROWHITE NG were used for the fresh green glass roofs.

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Interesting light effects await the passers-by under the roof.
(Oerlikon railway station, copyright: 10:8 Architekten)


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